Who we are

Who we are

We are a family that loves the simplicity and hospitality. We were born here, in this land in which we are bound because it helps us stay in touch with nature.
These places tell the story of our people: ordinary people who work hard, but who also loves to socialize and have fun. Essential people who know the importance of money and respect its great value. Year after year we welcome visitors that come here pushed by their love for flying. Simple people and brave, like we are. For them we have opened our our homes. At the right price.

Our story

Here, at the foot of Grappa, we built our first home. When the family has grown we have built a larger, always nearby. In this country we love, we choose to live and work with people, opening our homes to hospitality.

Our services

We have a brewery in Semonzo del Grappa, near the field of free flight. The pilots paragliders come here from all over the world and we welcome them warmly because we want to make them feel at home. A few years ago we decided to also offer them housing, providing the rooms in the MARY HOUSE and the apartment MARY APARTMENT.

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