Where we are

Monte Grappa:stories to tell

The Monte Grappa is our mountain. 1775 meters high. 10 million years old. Old and young. Rich in memories: the effort of farmers, wars, emigration, the Madonnina. Our grandparents took us to walk on stony paths, through forests of fir trees in the bush of fragrant shrubs, telling the memory of the mountain. Today we look at the Monte Grappa, which is filled with sports: rock climbing, cycling, mountain biking, hang gliding, paragliding, hang gliding, hiking, Nordic walking, snowshoeing on snow and we are happy to see that our mountain is still young and full of stories to tell.

Semonzo: for sportiveness

Semonzo del Grappa is a fraction of Borso del Grappa: it is small, but also has a big sky and a big set of mountains all around. The road training preferred by bikers of each category to climb to Cima Grappa starts from Semonzo: a mountain road, challenging and scenic. The few cars that will meet belong to the other category of sports breed who come here from all over the world, fans of free flight. The sails of the paragliders are now part of the panorama of Semonzo and fill the sky of colored fragments. A sight to behold and a thrill to be experienced in flight which is right in front of our apartment “Mary”.

Next to art, center of nature

For those who want to rest and seek recreation and relaxation at one kilometer from Semonzo is the pool and a few minutes drive to the picturesque cities of Asolo, Marostica, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza with the sublime architecture of Palladio. The “Pedemontana” area is rich in places and local cuisine is served there or buy local products: cheese of Grappa, Prosecco made on Asolo hills, olive oil and, in season, asparagus of Bassano and Marostica cherries. An hour’s drive and you get to Venice, but if you want to stay near the natural beauty offer opportunities for sports, rafting on the Brenta, walks to the nature reserves of Grappa, visits to the charming Oliero Caves .