Fly with the eagles, fly over the chamois

Borso del Grappa is the international center of free flight.
The updrafts that form the slopes of Grappa offer the possibility to fly every day of the year, with all weather conditions and especially to fly long, even for 200 kilometers.

Pilots from all over the world to experience the thrill of pushing the limits, see the world from above, fly with the eagles, fly over the chamois.

Stay here and enjoy the pleasure of flying immediately, without having to move by car over long distances: the airfield Semonzo is right in front of our apartment.

Every day hundreds of tiny wedges of color hovering in the sky, as light as the feathers of the shower heads.
The only sound is from the wind and the rhythmic beat of the sails.
A colorful and cheerful vision.
Come and be part of it.